5 Chilly Gmail Tricks Everyone Must Know

5 Chilly Gmail Tricks Everyone Must Know: Gmail for Android always gets updates and new updates for Gmail and new updates for Gmail have a lot of features that you’ll be unaware of… So take a look.

5 Chilly Gmail Tricks Everyone Must Know

5 Chilly Gmail Tricks Everyone Must Know

Emoji: The latest updates from the email service have a lot of emojis that allow users to express their emotions beautifully through emojis. Gandhiji’s three monkeys and Playboy are the best in all Amoji. Click on ‘Insert Emoticons’ in your compose window to use emoji.

Themes: Gmail’s new update features more than a hundred wallpapers and is also offering users a chance to customize with editing tools like Vignettes, Blur and Custom Text. To change the theme, go to Settings and select Google’s collection or your snap.

Undo Send: The new update on Gmail now also allows you to retrieve any mail sent by mistake. Scroll down in the General tab in Settings and find the ‘Andu Send’ option. Set the cancellation period and click on ‘Save Change’.

Hangouts, not the old Gtalk itself: the new update is the way to go to the old Zetalk, which is a good thing. There are a lot of users who don’t like this new update hangout. For this, simply click on the arrow that comes to your profile picture in the space provided for the chat and click on ‘River to Old Chat’.

Attachment Limit: Earlier Gmail users could only send 25 MB of attachment, but now with Google Drive, the problem is over, Google Drive is offering at least 15 GB of free storage.

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