Gaming Smartphone Black Shark 2 Review

Gaming Smartphone Black Shark 2 Review: Black Shark has confirmed the launch of the Next Generation Gaming Phone Black Shark 2 for mobile gaming users. In a teaser poster on Weibo, the company has an official announcement that this gaming smartphone will be launched on March 18. This smartphone is going to launch with some upgrades after the company’s Black Shark Halo in November last year. It is expected that soon it will be released in the Indian market too.

Gaming Smartphone Black Shark 2 Review

Gaming Smartphone Black Shark 2 Review

Several leaks connected to Black Shark 2 were coming out for quite some time and recently its specifications and features were spotted on Geekbench. Before the launch of this handset, it has made a new handset teaser, and it is clear that there will be some more details related to the phone in the next few weeks before the launch. Given the growing mobile gaming users in India, it will be launched in India soon.

Leaks and Specifications:

There is not much information from Black Shark 2’s leaks that have been revealed so far, but some features have been confirmed in many reports. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC processor will be given in Black Shark 2. Apart from this, two variants of this smartphone can be launched in the market with 8 GB and 12 GB RAM. In the recent teaser of Redmi, it is said that this phone will come with Superior Liquid Cooling 3.0 technology.

The disclosure of new cooling technology will be done at the company launch event. Speaking of the design, the gaming phone will be launched with the rear panel of the new rear camera and black shark with the rear panel. One thing is to confirm that RGB lights will be given in it. Prior to March 18, many details related to the phone are being expected.

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