How to Hackers Crack Any Gmail Password Just 10 Seconds

How to Hackers Crack Any Gmail Password Just 10 Seconds: The Internet uses everyone. It is thus obvious that 90 percent of users will have an account on Gmail. There are several features in Gmail. Gmail has given 15 GB of free cloud storage to every user in which users can save documents, photographs or videos they need. In such a way, what will you do if your Gmail gets hacked? Today we are going to tell you how your Gmail is hacked.

Nowadays a video on YouTube is being viral, with a trick to find out the password of another account with Gmail. This trick to cracking passwords takes 10 seconds.

Note: This trick will only work when someone’s account password will be saved.

How to Hackers Crack Any Gmail Password Just 10 Seconds


Go to the login page of the account to find out the password.


Enter the ID of the password you want to know. If the user’s password is saved here, it will look like a dot.


Press F12 to revoke these dots. Or right-click on Inspect.


After this, a new window will open. In which the line with the password will appear.


After this here, Type = after the password instead of the password. For example: Type = 111


The password will appear as soon as you press Enter.

So you see how you can find Gmail’s password for anyone in just 10 seconds.

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