How to Make Fridge at Home Easy

How to Make Fridge at Home Easy: First of all thanks for landing this Article, if you are searching make your own refrigerator. I just tell you are in the perfect platform. So without getting an inquiry to let’s directly jump into the post of how to make a refrigerator with cardboard.

Do you know that you can also make a fridge sitting at home, which can also be used for instant cooling? To make the mini fridge, you will get most of the goods at home. For this you

  • Cardboard box
  • A metal plate
  • Scissors
  • On / Off Switch
  • Peltier Unit
  • HeatSink Aluminum Unit
  • Handle (can also be made through Cardboard)

How to Make Fridge at Home Easy


For this, you must first prepare the fridge shape. You can paste it with glue or tape.


Then make a square hole on the bottom side of the box and fix the fridge door cut by its size.


After this you will need aluminum heatsink You can find it online or at any hardware retail store. Buy it your fridge size.


Then you have to paste the Pelletier Unit over the HeatSink Unit. It would be better if you put the heatsink paste first. They will also support the machine along with the grip.


After this, the wire of the Peltier unit is attached to the switch. You can also use a 9-volt battery for power.


Just after this, your fridge will be ready. This is a better way of making a fridge at home.

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