What’s the difference between 3G and 4G network technology?

What’s the difference between 3G and 4G network technology: 4G technology is nothing but the fourth level of wireless technology that is available from the wireless cellular carriers and that uses mobile broadband. The first generation was referred to as 1G and it mostly referred to the analog signal by cellular towers. The 2G technology upgraded the analog signal to a digital one and allowed the inclusion of sending text messages through this particular network. While 3G made use of electromagnetic wavelengths, 4G has upgraded itself to transfer information faster and to exchange greater information.

The ultra-mobile broadband refers to the transmission rate that is available on the wireless network. 4G technology has the capability of transferring data between 100 Mbps and 1Gbps. If you want to compare 3G with 4G, you’ll see that 3G networks offer data transfer speeds at around 200 kbps. The benefit of using 4G technology is that the network will be more accurate when you’re even traveling and also when tower locations are constantly changing. As this particular network is faster and more accurate and perfect, probably it will enable transmission of larger packs of data than 3G networks.

The 4G services may include 4G mobile phonesnetbooksmodems, and such devices. The 4G mobile hotspots may even offer wireless connections for multiple devices like mobile phonescomputers, and other such electronic objects. A 4G netbook may easily operate as a laptop but with fewer drives and smaller memory. This particular technology may even offer downloading, Internet access and web- chatting. The developers have establishes certain specific standards for the high-performance capabilities of this network.

Thus, if you’ve been using 3G, make sure you upgrade yourself to 4G technology so that you can stay ahead of others and continue your work with faster and better speed so as to save your time and energy. Stay dynamic and make sure you live a faster life.

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